Flower 2Sam’s Caregiver Alliance Group will create a safe environment for Caregivers and the community to share their thoughts, experiences and expressions, assimilate knowledge about various resources and bring forth Mental Health professionals and area non-profit organizations to discuss the importance of quality of life for the Caregiver and their loved one. We will provide Caregivers, future Caregivers and advocates with the support they need to nurture their capabilities, creativity and backgrounds while stimulating their desires to being a productive, loving, caring Caregiver and Advocate. The Caregivers will be able to network with others that share in this journey and find a sense of peace and serenity during this difficult transition of life. The meetings will be held on the 4th Sunday of January, May and August.

Sam’s Caregiver Alliance Group’s Community Outreach program will partner with Community-based/Non-profit organizations, faith- based organizations and Nursing/Assisted living facilities to reach a following of caregivers that are currently experiencing the anxieties and financial responsibilities of being a caregiver. We will do in-person meetings and seminars by going to the local businesses and distribute and give information about the organization and the resources offered to caregivers. Providing information about the services, resources, grants and respite reimbursement programs offered to caregivers is why this organization was created by our founder. Caregivers are often forced to take on this role without warning which makes our organization an added advantage because we provide the security of them knowing they are not on this journey alone. We will also have a special day called Caregiver’s Day. There will be a booth set up with informational material at local events and organizations to help inspire Caregivers and promote community engagement. This gives the people in the community a chance to acquire information about programs without attending the meetings/seminars.

Sam’s Caregiver Alliance Group will start a program called “Music for the Mind”. It encourages caregivers to play music and dance with their loved ones on a regular basis. Music Therapy for people with Dementia, has been shown to improve their thinking, feeling, perception, mood and behavior. Once a year we will have an event with music that encourages a safe dance environment for people with Dementia or any disability.

Sam’s Caregiver Alliance Group’s Kindness with Care initiative will provide funds for respite care, nursing home expenses and personal expenses. Getting respite allows time for caregivers to take a break from providing care for their loved one and focus on their own personal health and needs while helping to preserve the strength of families. Distributing these funds is essential for getting caregivers relief from everyday life responsibilities.

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** These programs will be offered either quarterly or once a year. Please see the events page for the schedule of programs/events.